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The Groom’s Guide to Weddings by iManscape

I love that in the last several months, I’ve heard from so many grooms who are booking the photographer for theirView full post »

F.A.Q. ~ Scheduling Maternity & Newborn Portraits

The super-sweet newborn portrait of my littlest babe I was staring at today got me thinking about the maternityView full post »

What to Wear During Your Family Photo Shoot

Martinsburg, WV Portrait Photographers

BlahBlah Bebe Photography in Indiana created this great What to Wear Flyer for Families, and I wanted to pass itView full post »

F.A.Q. ~ The Holy Grail (A.K.A. “The Disk of Images”)

I was about to add an F.A.Q. section to the site, but got side-tracked… like 5 years ago! So, I decided it wouldView full post »