Brian & Maureen ~ The George Washington HotelWinchester, VA Wedding Photographers

Brian & Maureen were our first wedding of 2011… January FIRST to be exact! I’ve done a New Year’s Eve wedding before, but never a New Year’s DAY wedding. So, I was a little concerned about how the wedding party would be feeling that day considering most of them would be up late celebrating the New Year in downtown Winchester. I had no reason to fear, however, as they all were such a classy group of individuals and were looking their absolute best on Brain & Maureen’s’ special wedding day.

The weather outside was cold (did I mention this was January???), but the love between Brian and Maureen warmed us all up as they were wed at St. Bridget’s in Berryville, VA.  We took just a couple shots outside before heading over to the elegant George Washington Hotel in Winchester, VA for their beautiful reception. The hotel still had the gorgeous Christmas decorations up which made for the most spectacular backdrop for a winter wedding reception.  Brian and Maureen went all out for their guests, who were all traveling from out of town (Winchester just happened to be the midway point between Maureen’s family in coastal Virginia and Brian’s family in Ohio). They had a variety of designer cupcakes to satisfy sweet teeth, a coffee bar to warm up their guests,  and they gave everyone a bottle of wine from Brian’s parent’s home vineyard. Not to mention a wonderful destination that their guests could enjoy a weekend away 🙂

Enjoy their slideshow!