Brad & Casey + Two!

Brace yourself… First, I need to apologize for depriving you of my regular blog posting. This year has been so INSANELY busy, that I had to leave something on the backburner while taking care of my clients… so it had to be my blog. Thank you to all my incredible brides & grooms that have been so utterly sweet with understanding. I seriously have THE best clients on Earth! I have taken steps to prevent this from happening in the future, which you’ll hear about sometime soon along with an exciting new launch that I won’t spill the beans about just yet…hee-hee. So, for now I am super-excited to get the ball rolling on showing you all the awesome events & sessions I’ve been covering! Let me list what I have to catch up on (I’m going to update this list at the end of each upcoming blog post, so I can be held accountable if I miss something!):

Marie’s bridal portrait
Richard & Marie’s wedding
Ryan & Jenny’s wedding
Wedding Window – Vendor Spotlight
Jennifer’s bridal session
Matt & Jessie’s wedding
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Rodney & Tiffany’s wedding
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Matt & Laura’s wedding
Geoff & Jennifer’s wedding
OUR Day After session w/ openField photography.
Rob & Jen + Two!
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Splitpine Studios – Vendor Spotlight
Sean & Kathy’s wedding
Kara’s maternity session
Gary & Staci’s wedding
Manda’s generosity
Keith & Jessica’s wedding
Valley Pig Pickin’ – Vendor Spotlight
Brad & Casey’s e-session
David & Jacki’s wedding

Okay, deep breath… and on with your regularly scheduled blog-reading…

I’ve decided to go ahead and post a recent session first… I know it’s not fair, but if you knew my reasoning behind it you would understand… just trust me 🙂

I met Brad & Casey the other day for a fun family session while there was still a little bit of color left on the trees.  They are getting married next October (October 2009 is now BOOKED!). We did their engagement session a few weeks ago, so be on the lookout for those pictures later on. We had a great time during their family session despite the cold wind, and I have to say that I totally want to adopt the kids! Kendall is such a good brother, and so well-behaved. Definitely every parent’s dream child from what I could tell. Taylor is just plain cute as a button, and totally every photographer’s dream child! Her personality just screams “LOOK HOW AWESOME & FUN & CUTE & SASSY I AM”! You really have no idea how much I was cracking up at her during this session… Brad & Casey, I know you probably thought she was just crazy, but if every family session had a child like that involved, I’d be in Heaven 🙂

I haven’t climbed a tree in a while, so this was fun. I think they thought I was nuts!

I LOVE this one!

What sign, officer?  Actually, I turned around after taking this photo and a police officer was slowly driving by looking at us… only my luck…  lol

Towards the end of the session, Taylor got scared (not by me!), and started crying.  How sweet is this?

But just a little coaxing, and she was back again 🙂