The Hap-HAPPIEST season of all!!!

I can’t believe this last month has flown by so fast! I have been SO crazy busy with orders and edits that I feel so ready to CRASH!!! You know you are getting old when you can’t pull all-nighters working like you used to, lol! We officially finished all orders and edits for all those Christmas portraits on Monday, and I cannot believe how HAPPY I have become in the last two days:)  Total weight off my shoulders, and I love that so many people were able to get beautiful images for their Christmas cards. We checked the mail for the first time yesterday in weeks (did I mention we haven’t had much time to do anything lately, lol?), and we have received so many cards graced with beautiful families that we have had the joy of photographing. We STILL haven’t taken our Christmas portrait (maybe tonight?), so I don’t think we’ll be sending physical cards out this year, but we definitely wish EVERYONE a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Joyous Holiday no matter what you choose to celebrate.

Here’s another installment of “Preston & Juniper” that we took while photographing the LeMarr’s a couple weeks ago. They were “sharing”, lol!

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