Juniper’s Nursery
featuring wallcovering by Blue Sphere Painting

I figured since we just switched Juniper to a twin bed this weekend, it’s about time I blogged her beautiful nursery before she started kindergarten:)

Once Juniper was born and I realized that I was SO wrong about her being a boy, lol, I had a very elaborate vision in my head for her nursery. Luckily, Jon’s side business helped me put it together without much investment. Besides being my second shooter on weddings and some of our portrait sessions, and having a full-time dayjob, Jon does painting on the side. BUT… not just any painting… he is the PICKIEST, most hard-headed perfectionist when it comes to covering a wall/ceiling/floor/deck/siding/whatever-else-you-can-paint-or-stain that you could ever imagine. I remember the old days when I could decide what color I wanted a room, go down to Lowe’s (sorry, Home Depot, but your layout makes no sense to me), and pick up paint and some brushes & rollers and get to work on my project. HA! That doesn’t happen anymore. Jon has to do everything. I never realized how much work could go into covering a wall until he painted our first room. It took twice as long as I would have taken, which was very annoying at the time, but wow did it look a world of difference from what I have ever seen. Now, unfortunately, when I’m sitting in a  doctor’s office or restaurant or wherever, I always critique the absolutely horrid paint jobs that some of these places have on their walls. Crooked lines, nicks in the walls that were obviously there before they painted, and a million other pet peeves of Jon’s. I have to laugh, because I never thought I would care about what a wall looked like before Jon converted me:)

When Jon started his side business, he started looking into more ways to make his process more friendly not only to the environment, but also to the health of his clients (and their neighbors, guests, patients, etc.). He often painted for couples that were expecting a child, or who were worried about fumes irritating their asthma, or cancer survivors & fighters  that knew of the harmful effects of the VOC’s in regular paint. So, we both started learning everything we could about these harmful chemicals, and how to select products that had NO or LOW VOC’s (and even some non-toxic paints) that could still do a professional job and not look or cover like cheap paint from a home center. We also learned about how to make his process of painting less harmful, such as sanding techniques, cleaning, recycling,  safe disposal and the moral of today’s story: NO-VOC fabric wall covering! This technique takes fabric, and turns it into a gorgeous wall covering that looks just like wallpaper, only better! You can learn more about his business on his site at!

So, on with it…

When we learned about the wallcovering technique, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with Juniper’s nursery. We had already used a completely non-toxic paint on the wall since I was so determined to reduce VOC’s in her room after learning about how many chemicals we are all breathing from everything from carpet to new mattresses – which is also why we had to get an organic crib mattress made with coconut husks! Some of you might think I’m crazy, but once you learn about what those new mattresses can do to your baby’s respiratory system in the long run, you would think it’s crazy not to take those precautions. I guess that’s the downfall of knowing so much about VOC’s and what they have done to our overall health in the last few generations (respiratory problems, cancer, headaches, blurry vision, etc.). More and more manufacturers are starting to provide products that are healthier for us & our beautiful babies, so until everything is as it should be, I will continue to research the healthiest options for my babies:)

First picture… FINALLY, right?!? This is right after we moved in, and had Juniper’s belongings strewn about the room before we started working on the nursery (we’ve all been here, right?)… thanks, Mom, for the picture since silly me forgot to take a before shot of the nasty walls and dirty carpet before it was cleaned:

And, after a fresh coat of non-toxic paint that will have NO effect on our health for the next several years (Did you even know that you are still breathing VOC’s from paint that is still off-gassing several years after it is applied? Most people think that once you can’t smell it anymore, it can’t hurt you. That is so wrong!)

You can see where Jon has started the wallcovering process. It is a bit time-consuming, but I’m telling you… Satin damask fabric makes the most beautiful wallpaper ever! Plus, have you ever taken wallpaper down? NIGHTMARE, right?!? Well, this process makes it ridiculously simple to remove.. and leaves NO torn drywall or discoloring glue stuck to the walls! When you are ready to remove it, you just pull it off. That’s it. No kidding, no exaggeration (I’ll post a video one day to prove it on Jon’s site).

Here are a few shots of the work in process which for us included painting the trim black (my crazy vision, but it turned out perfectly!):

And the finished product before we started putting everything together (please note these were not shot as professional images… they were shot quickly during a naptime for our own personal use, so don’t hate) :

And, the end result of my crazy vision and Jon’s beautiful craft:

Her “book nook”, which is the first place she goes in the morning to read mommy a story:)

Her name sign that I made from an old frame we had in the garage, hung with leftover satin fabric from the walls:

A few details, including: a purple tutu (what little girl’s room isn’t complete without a tutu?), her lantern above her book nook that she picked out herself at Ross, her favorite pillow, her “pretty box” with miscellaneous nursery supplies that is now used as her stepping stool into her bed, the two damask recycled bags that we use as her dirty clothes bag and clean cloth diaper inserts bag, and my favorite thing… the little purple book that I use to write her love notes every now and then.

And we’ll end it with the book she read to me yesterday morning:)Yes, she really does sit like that with her legs crossed, lol. What a sweet pea!!!

The amazing thing about this nursery, is since we used mostly items that we had already & my dad purchased the crib, we ended up spending a total of less than what it would have cost for just a crib bedding set! I couldn’t find the perfect bedding set that we could afford that matched the room, so we used a purple blanket that we had as a mattress cover, and used the money we saved on the bedding set for all the accessories and the fabric for the walls. The most expensive item we purchased was the custom-made window valance which was still super-affordable on Etsy (LOVE Etsy!). Even that changing table/dresser is an old broken dresser my brother had in storage that we painted, and switched out the broken top drawer for the cute damask fabric-covered baskets to hold her diapers/wipes/lotion. We are very happy with what we could do with what we already had. Now, it’s time to plan our upcoming little boy’s nursery! Yahoo!!!

Thank you so much, Jon, for being amazing at what you do!

  • Yewande A. - December 2, 2012 - 8:41 pm

    Beautiful Nursery!! Absolutely lovely. Where did you get the satin wall paper/cover? And, with what products do you install it?

  • Sandra - September 25, 2015 - 9:52 am

    What’s the color of the wall?

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