The Newland’s Maternity & Family Portraits

Shenandoah County, Virginia Maternity & Family Photographer

This maternity portrait session was quite the fun adventure! We had planned to photograph this session on Jamie’s dad’s land like we did their first maternity portrait video with their first daughter a few years ago. But to get there you had to drive across a creek. Apparently, it had rained quite a bit in the previous days, because we drove up to what seemed like a small river! Needless to say, we weren’t dumb enough to try and cross it (those crazy youngster days are over, LOL!), so we made due with what we could pull off last minute. It turned out to be so much fun! Tiffany’s Facebook post says it all:

“Wake up at 4am. Get the family up and make ourselves look halfway presentable. Have an amazing friend and photographer show up on your doorstep at 6am to head to the family farm “way back there”.
Climb hayfields, sit in wet grass, combat the cat that wouldn’t go away, feed kid all sorts of food to make her happy, walk through another hayfield, stomp through tons of mud, get in very cold creek, then discover your toddler loves the creek and won’t get out.
Come home muddy, wet, and tired around 10:30am, but knowing you had a great time and memories captured with a camera that only an amazing friend could get.
Then…take a nap.
Lori Swadley, thank you SO much for everything this morning! It was perfect to see you, spend the morning with you, and have quite the adventure! We are so thankful for you!”

Here’s just a sneak peek for now 🙂

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