Our Wedding ~ Chapter 1

I began writing this entry, and realized there was no way I would be able to divide our wedding into two blog posts.  It just isn’t gonna happen!  So, I’m breaking it up into several chapters… who knows how many it will take, but I just want to give brides out there some ideas and helpful hints along the way.  And since I no longer have a day job to take up my time, I’ll be able to devote much more time to my blog… YAY!!!   I’ve even made a category just for this, so you can always click on the “Our Wedding” category at the top of the page to see only those posts about our wedding.

Let’s start with the invitation!  I knew I didn’t want the traditional invitation for a few reasons… first & foremost, that’s just not our style.  Second, your invitation should give your guests a feel of how your wedding is going to be.  So, since we were set on a whimsical, non-formal wedding, we didn’t want to use formal invitations.  Lastly, I just couldn’t imagine sending out any type of communication to our guests without our picture on it!

I designed a 4 sided card that had some of the beautiful engagement images that Shelby Leigh had taken of us.  I used my pro lab for the printing, and selected a fine linen paper for a natural feel. Here’s the front:

When you opened up the inside, you still got a little feel of that “wedding invitation” style, just without the formality of traditional invites.

The back was just filled with more images from our engagement session.

If you look closely, you can see we had our web address on the invite, and encouraged everyone to RSVP online.  We were trying to be a little more green by not printing a separate directions card, since all that info was on the web site, but we underestimated how many older guests that we had that did not have internet access, so we ended up sending a follow up directions postcard, with yet another photo of us (this one was taken by the ever-so-talented Dustin Izatt from Utah while we were in Vegas last year).  This was the front:

And the back:

It actually worked out quite well, and I’m glad we did it that way.  I think that it kept our wedding date on people’s minds, and we had close to 80% of people who were invited actually attend, which is phenomenal in the wedding world.  Of course, we only invited a little over 100 people, so it was still a small gathering.

Overall, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the invitations.  Wait… yes I would have… if I had to do it over again, I would have forced myself to start a little sooner, so that invitations could have been sent out 8 weeks in advance.  We were just SOOOOO insanely busy last year with everyone else’s weddings, that we actually only spent a few hours of solid planning on our own (sounds impossible, I know, but it’s unfortunately so true).  I definitely couldn’t have pulled it all together without Jon’s tremendous help:)


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