Danielle ~ Senior Model Concept Shoot

Spring Mills High School – Martinsburg, WV Senior Portrait Photographers

One reason (out of many) that I love having a senior model team is that I have access to the area’s best talent when I need models for a concept shoot.  As you may know, if you read my “about us” section, I started my photography career in the fashion modeling industry. I fell in love with not only the fashion, but also the planning that went into every detail and all the little nuances that it took to pull off an amazing shoot. It was the ULTIMATE creative experience!

Every now and then when I get bored, I crave that experience again so I come up with some crazy idea in my head for a photoshoot. The concept for this shoot was “Ice Queen”. It was thrown together rather quickly, and I think the end result was pretty “cool” (haha, I’m such a dork!).

I chose our Senior Model, Danielle, from Spring Mills High School for her gorgeous dark hair and big soulful eyes. Her look went perfectly with my dark rendition of an ice queen (you know, because as a mom I’ve had enough of Elsa for awhile…). I used props I had in the studio and purchased other supplies to create the headpiece she would wear in her hair, as well as the ice mask I made the night before the shoot while watching the Met Gala live stream (what PERFECT inspiration for a creative shoot!). I picked up the dress at Express a few years back for a party I went to, and I haven’t worn it since. I originally had a white dress in mind for this shoot, but once she was here and I had all the pieces laid out I ended up wanting something a little darker yet still glam. This dress killed it!

First, here are some headshots I did super quick before we started the fun with hair and makeup.

Martinsburg WV Senior Portrait Photographer Swadley Studio-7Martinsburg WV Senior Portrait Photographer Swadley Studio-7

first set

After I did her makeup (yes, I did makeup myself… scary!) and carefully placed the pieces of her crown, I glued the ice mask with eyelash glue around her eyes to complete the look. We had lots of fun experimenting with poses and props, and I love what we were able to create together. Thanks, Danielle, for letting me experiment on you with my crazy ideas!

Martinsburg WV Senior Portrait Photographer Swadley Studio-7

set 2

set 4

set 5

set 3




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