Congratulations, JMU Class of 2009!!!

(10-day Blogathon #6!  )

Yesterday, my little brother graduated from James Madison University!  We are all so very proud of him!

With over 2800 graduates, it was nearly impossible to spot any particular person because they all looked like ants!  Fortunately, I used my telefoto lens and a good cell phone connection to spot him in the crowd:)

I waited for at least 10 minutes for this shot…  I had a feeling that beach ball would come to him at some point, so I just left the camera on him until it finally happened:-)

This year’s speaker was Paul Holland, general partner at Foundation Capital, who is in charge of the CleanTech program.  Mr. Holland has taken environmentalism very seriously since his childhood, which he spoke very passionately about.  One of his portfolio companies, Serious Materials, just reopened a manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania that had been closed for some time, which has created more than a hundred jobs for the people of the community.  He was recently asked to give a speech at the White House before introducing President Barack Obama for a speech on the importance of the renewable energy industry.  The speech he gave to the JMU graduates was one of the best commencement speeches I’ve heard, and I hope it spoke to many of the graduates, as well as their families.

Jonathan came up to talk to us for a minute after the main graduation ceremony, before the individual colleges had their ceremonies. Luckily, the Computer Sciences department’s ceremony was in the same location, Brideforth Stadium, so we didn’t have to move.

He took a picture of us… That’s Mom, Jon, me, Dad & Joyce (step-mom)!

There’s my little brother getting his diploma!  Yes, I was teary-eyed…

He looks so happy, doesn’t he?!?

The little stinker didn’t tell us that he won an award, too!  He was one of I think 8 or 9 Computer Sciences majors to win an award.  He’s such a little smartie pants (he gets it from me, lol!) :-)

Here he is with Dr. Elizabeth Adams, one of his favorite professors who is sadly leaving JMU this year.

Dr. Christopher Fox, Assistant Dept Head, Computer Sciences.

Jenny is one of his best friends, and it was sad to see them say goodbye:-(

And, of course, we had to get a shot of him on the Duke Dog!!!

Congratulations, Jonathan!  I love you SOOOOOO much!!!


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