David & Jacki ~ Hot Kisses

Let me explain the blog title. Every engagement session I do is different. Even if it’s in the same exact setting as one before. Not only are the sessions different, but each couple invokes different feelings and thoughts in my crazy brain, and so I think I may start to share tiny bits of those thoughts here. We’ll see how it goes as time goes on.

I went to Harper’s Ferry, WV to photograph David & Jacki, and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. The first thing I think of when I think of them now is “hot kisses”. I love making my couples kiss, and it’s always so cute, but every now and then there comes a couple who just radiates heat when they kiss. David & Jacki are one of those couples. I don’t know if their friends have noticed, maybe it’s just me, but I LOVED it! I know, I’m such a romantic…

I’m posting quite a few black & white/sepia images tonight. The proofing site I use allows my clients to order any image in black & white or sepia, but these two just look FABULOUS in black & white, so I had to show them off 🙂