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shelby leigh photography 3Hi there! My name is Lori & I am so happy that you’ve stumbled upon our little slice of heaven! We are a husband & wife photography duo who love capturing memories as much as we love making them! We feel it is so important for you to get to know your photographers, no matter what the subject matter will be, so let me give you a quick intro into what makes us, well… us!
I started my business in 2001 photographing models in the DC area. I LOVED creating gorgeous fashion-inspired imagery complete with crazy hairstyles and fanciful makeup. I added band photography to my workload soon after which fulfilled my music-loving soul on too many weekends to count, and allowed me to meet so many of my favorite artists. While I was definitely having the time of my life, I knew I needed to expand my business to include portraits and weddings. I had photographed weddings for a few of the models I had worked with, and long story short I ended up falling in love with wedding photography! In 2006 my super-sweet and super-cute friend, Jon, tried his hand at assisting me and everything in the world just seemed to fall into place. I liked him so much that I ended up marrying him in 2008, and he has been my trusty sidekick at each wedding we have had the privilege of photographing since 🙂
While he only shoots portraits with me every so often, he is still active on the back end of the portrait business helping me scout locations, score sweet props, delivering orders, installing wall art in our clients’ homes and offices, and of course being Daddy to our gorgeous babies through lots of late nights editing.
Aside from our business, we love loving on our three kiddos: Juniper, Bastian & Bodhi (aka “Bo”).
Here are some other random things about us that I know you are just dying to know 😉
– I love gardening. My favorites are anything that provides nutrients, and those super-whimsical plants like passionflower or nigellas.
– Jon is a video game junkie. Like for real. Ugh, I can’t even talk about it.
– I love fashion and I drool over the latest runway creations. My dream photoshoot would hands down incorporate the one and only Alexander McQueen!
– Jon has an extensive t-shirt and shoe collection. It’s ridiculous!
– I LOVE to travel, and we are finally figuring out how to travel with 3 kids! Whether I’m in Hawaii soothing my soul on the beach sipping on something fruity or riding in a motorcycle sidecar through the historic streets of Lisbon, Portugal, I thrive on escape! My current obsession is Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 I’ve been solo twice in the last year and have plans to bring the whole family this coming year!
– Jon left home after high school and lived on Tybee Island at the beach. He has also lived in Savannah, GA & Asheville, NC before coming back to the Winchester area and hooking up with me 🙂 He prefers to be home these days, but is super supportive of my solo adventures since he knows how important they are to my mental health. Swoon…
– During a thunderstorm, you can find Jon standing just OUTSIDE the door in awe of the lightning bolts crashing down around him…
– During said thunderstorm, I will be found holding on to our children and praying hard that we don’t die. Lame, I know.
– Jon is a beach bum at heart. He could crash into those waves for hours and still not have his fill.
– I’m a river rat at heart. Wading in a slow rolling river is medicine to my soul.
All in all, Jon & I are easy to get along with and very accommodating to those we have the pleasure of being around. We love meeting new people, so connect with us and let’s chat about what we can do for you!

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